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We have been helping small business with their online marketing since 2000.

Let our digital marketing software take your business to the next level.

We are a collective of passionate web marketers, developers and designers united by a shared vision and a rich history in the digital realm. With over 20 years of experience each, our team has been at the forefront of website development and business marketing. Each member of Local Mojo brings a unique set of skills and insights, honed through decades of hands-on experience.

Our journey began as individual pioneers in the early days of the internet, each exploring the limitless possibilities of digital technology. As the web evolved, so did our expertise, leading us to cross paths and ultimately unite under the Local Mojo banner.

We pride ourselves on being more than just marketers or developers; we are problem-solvers and visionaries. Our collective expertise encompasses all aspects of web development and digital marketing, ensuring that we deliver holistic solutions that are not only technically sound but also strategically effective. Local Mojo is not just a company; it's a culmination of lifelong passions in the digital world.

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Mark Hughes

Jeremy Rice

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Josh Hughes

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