Social Wifi

Local Mojo has an exciting advertising opportunity with Outback® Steakhouse, Carrabba’s Italian Grill®, BoneFish Grill®, and Flemings® restaurants. We are running a Beta Test to a very small, select, group of local businesses. Qualified businesses will have the opportunity to get exclusive prime position in front of thousands of potential customers every month!

Each of the restaurants have set up a Social WiFi platform which allows customers to access the Internet for free. However they must log in using a social account such as Facebook, Google, etc. As soon as they log in, your ad will show up before they can get to the Internet.  Simple as that – get in front of your best potential customers when they have downtime to check you out, and then stay in front of them! Social Wi-Fi Ad Placement can also be combined with display retargeting to help you present your ad to customers even after they leave the local establishment.



It’s the right audience

When the patrons of the restaurant want to access the Internet, 100% of them will see your ad. The fact that they are accessing the Internet indicates they have some down time and want to do some research on something or just browse around. This is a perfect time to introduce them to your business or services because they have time to check them out.


You Can Follow Them Around (Retargeting)

When you purchase ads you will also receive retargeting services. You will be able to stay in front of potential customers over a period of 30 – 60 days. We will also retarget those who access your main website as well if you are willing to place the retargeting code on your main website. This means your business has more than one opportunity to reach out to this potential audience and catch them at a later time when they are more inclined to take action.


Small businesses need to brand themselves!

Branding is more important for small businesses than ever. It is often difficult for small businesses to understand the need for branding. Most small business owners feel it’s something that big companies do because they have big budgets. However, it’s proportional. While the bigger businesses do have bigger budgets, they also have a bigger area to brand (the entire U.S. or World). Small businesses can brand themselves in the city they work in for a much smaller budget than they might expect.

We noticed that there were two companies that provided the same services a short time back. There was a huge difference between the two. Despite the fact that they started at about the same time, both were run by competent owners, and both had expert technicians. One of the companies had grown to almost 300 technicians and would gross over 37 million dollars where the other company had 8 technicians and would do a little over a million in gross revenue. The smaller company was always having to lower their prices and offer incentives to use their services which caused them to have to do more work for less pay continually. The larger company was charging top-dollar for their services and never had to lower their prices for their services. So, we asked the larger company “How is it that you have gotten out of the rat race, always racing to the bottom on prices? What has allowed your company to grow to such a tremendous size?” Their answer was startling … they said “We invested in ourselves early on and branded our company. Our brand is so strong now that many people never search for the service we provide in general…they search directly for our name and call us!”

This is a powerful position to be “branded” in your city. By having your ad in a prestigious location such as this, you are able to expand your branding in a significant way.


It is exclusive

We will only be selling a single ad for your industry at each restaurant. In the beginning we will only be selling 2 ads per location. It will take a long time before we are able to sell 2 ads in each of the 1,600 locations before expanding this out. This means you will have an exclusive position with the highest visibility over a long period of time.


People Need You

People are going to buy the products or services you offer either from you or from your competition. The difference is are they able to remember you when it’s time, or will they search again and find a competitor? By branding, you will introduce your business to these people and through retargeting you can stay in front of them until it’s time for them to take an action. It’s a 1-2 punch!

Do you have enough positive reviews? Call (877) 699-6656 to speak with a sales professional about our reputation marketing platform can work for you.

How Does It Work?

As soon as you sign up, you are sent an intake form, which allows you to put in your company information as well as your preferences for an ad that we will be building for you. It usually takes just a day or two to complete the ad, and then it is sent to you for approval. If you would like changes, those are made until you are happy with the ad. Once approved, it is placed within a day or two at the restaurant closest to your place of business.

Then when patrons of the restaurant would like to access the Internet, they are presented with a few login choices such as “Log in with Facebook”, “Log in with Twitter” or “Fill out this short form”. Each login process captures the patron’s email address which may be used to market each month (for a small additional fee). Each login is also targeted with a retargeting pixel and shown ads after they have left the restaurant as well.


What Is The Commitment?

We ask for a 3-month commitment to begin, then it will be month-to-month thereafter. Additional marketing services can be provided if you would like such as email marketing, additional retargeting, display advertising, Adwords, Bing marketing and Facebook marketing. These are all optional and can be added at any time.


How Much Does It Cost?

During the Beta Test the cost is only $247/mo with a one-time $150 setup fee to take care of the cost of creating the ads and setting up the ad in the restaurant and the retargeting campaign on your website. After the Beta Test is over we are anticipating that future advertisers will be paying $547/mo for the program. NOTE: Your business will be “grandfathered in” and continue to receive the beta price of $247/mo.


What Do I Get?

For $247/month you receive all the impressions (people seeing the ad) from the restaurant that you choose as well as building a retargeting list from all visits to not only that restaurant, but also to your own websites for all traffic that comes through other marketing you may be doing. You will receive approximately 6,500 – 7,000 impressions (people seeing your ad) monthly included with this cost. For the $150 one-time fee you receive a custom ad for placement in the restaurant as well as a matching set of retargeting ads.


Who Builds My Ad?

In-house designers who will work with you 1-on-1 until it’s just right will build this ad. Once approved, it will be placed in the restaurant for maximum visibility. There are many examples of ads you can see, but typically our designers have some expertise into what types of ads work best and will create something for you which then can be modified as needed.

The ad for the restaurant is 300px by 250px (rectangular) and other 2 retargeting ads are 728px by 90px (long banner) and 160px by 600px. Here are some examples of each size. For more examples please ask your Marketing Representative.


What if I Don’t Like My Ad?

Then our job is not done! We guarantee a professional ad that represents your company well. We will make as many revisions as necessary until you are happy with the results. It is common to only have 1 set of changes before we go live with the ad and it gets completed pretty quickly. Changes can be made at any time for $25 for each set of revisions to the existing ad. If an entirely new ad is requested, an additional charge of $150 will be required for the new set of 3 ads .. one ad for each size.. A single Ad is $50.


Do You Have a Sample Report?

Yes , sample reports are available. There are sample reports for both retargeting and the display ad inside of the restaurant.


Can I Be In More Than One Restaurant?

Yes, if a business would like to be in more than one restaurant, we have special bulk pricing after 4 locations. So, it would cost $247/location/mo for 1-3 restaurants. If you have 4-20 restaurants, the pricing would drop down to $225/restaurant/mo. If more than 20 restaurants please contact management for a special quote.


Can I Move My Ad to a Different Location?

Yes, as long as the same industry is not already represented there. There is no cost for this move.