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Title Loan Buffalo

Do you own your car? Do you need cash now?
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Car Title Loans in Buffalo New York

Bad Credit, No Credit, Cash Loans Call 716-616-0800 for a Free Quote



Abracadabra! It’s Magic.


That’s right, you might be driving around in thousands of dollars worth of fast cash. You have the title to your car or truck and we have the cash. Let’s do a swap! Bring us your title and leave with the cash you need—your title is your collateral. That’s all you need. Just complete the prequalification form at left or call 716-616-0800 today! You can get prequalified in just two minutes! Amazing!

It doesn’t matter why you need the money, it doesn’t matter whether you have good credit, bad credit or no credit at all. It just doesn’t matter! We can help you get the cash you need as early as today.

Life is full of unexpected events. A family member has a medical crisis; a surprise car repair comes up; a major appliance breaks; you need fast cash for bill consolidation and many more. If this has happened to you, and you found yourself needing quick cash, you aren’t alone! These tough economic times have devastated the credit of many fine Americans. If an unforeseen emergency happens to you—you have options.

Give us a call. Title Loans Buffalo's professional, courteous and helpful staff is standing by waiting for your call.  Let us help you unlock the equity in your car or truck. Just complete the prequalification form at left or call 716-616-0800 today! You can get prequalified in just two minutes! And, best of all, you will continue to drive your vehicle while you are making payments.


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Already have a title loan? We can find you a better deal! Give Title Loans Buffalo a chance to save you money. We can get you a new title loan with a lower interest rate and save you money every month!

What’s important to Title Loans Buffalo is getting you the cash you need as soon as today. Our terms are flexible, loan durations can be short or long and there is no early-payoff penalty. You only pay interest for the time you use our money.

Just complete the prequalification form at left or call 716-616-0800 today! You can get prequalified in just two minutes! The application process is simple and free of formalities and bureaucracy that you might typically experience in a bank or other lending institution. Join the thousands of happy Title Loans Buffalo customers. Call today.


3 Simple Steps for Fast Cash

1. Call 716-616-0800 to speak with a loan agent to get prequalified now
2. Finish the application with the lender to see how much you qualify for
3. One approved the lender will work with you to get your money fast



  Turn your car title into cash


Title Loan Buffalo


Bad Credit, No Credit, Cash Loans Call 716-616-0800 for a Free Quote or Click Below.



Title Loan Buffalo


You've got Questions; we've got Answers


What is a “title loan?”

If you own your car or truck, you hold the title to that vehicle. We will loan you up to 80% of the current value of your vehicle, taking the title as collateral for the loan. When the loan is repaid, you get the title back. It’s that simple.


What is the process and how long does it take?

For some reason, you need money today and other options are simply not available to you. We know that, and want to make this experience as quick and stress free as possible.


- Fill out the online application

- You will be contacted by our representative who will verify that you meet the necessary requirements for the loan (basically, do you have the means to make loan payments)

- We will arrange a visit from one of our representatives (we come to you!) for a quick inspection, do some paperwork and to deliver your money.


This can happen as quickly as the same day you call. We can either give you a check or wire the funds directly to your checking account. However, having a bank account is not necessary to become a customer of ours.


How much can I borrow?

The amount of your loan is, of course, based upon the value of your car. The more it is worth the more you can borrow. Our maximum loan is $5,000.


Does my car need to be fully paid off?

Pretty much. If you’re down to your last couple of payments, often we can pay off your existing auto loan and give you the difference. This is also a way to improve your credit score.


Do I need to have a job to qualify?

We need to know that you have the means to make monthly loan payments. Often the title loan will allow our borrowers to get a job, so we take that into consideration. We work with retired and disabled folks, as long as there is some proof of income.


I don’t have the best credit. Can I still get a loan?

Sure. A title loan is given using the vehicle as collateral. No credit check is done and making payments to us in a timely fashion can help improve your credit score.


What payment plans are available to me?

We will work with you to design a plan that works for both of us. Terms can be from as few as four months to as long as 36 months. Just remember, the longer the term the more interest you will pay.


Can I pay off the loan early without penalty?

Of course. You will only pay interest for as long as you use our money. We set a term just to give you the time you need and a payment size that you can manage. Making your payments on time each month will assure that the payoff amount goes down each month.


I’ve heard that title loan interest is high. What is your interest rate?

We charge a higher interest rate than a bank but, unlike a bank, we will make the loan. Banks are notoriously stingy these days, and getting short-term money from any one of them is very difficult. We know this may not be the first, or the last, time you will need a title loan. We want you think of our company first the next time. That will only happen if we treat you professionally and with consideration.


What if I already have a title loan?

There is a very good chance our rate and terms are more favorable than you have now. Give us a chance to lower your payments or put extra cash in your hands.

Title Loan Buffalo

Title Loan Buffalo