Custom Solutions

Since we have been in the industry so long chances are we’ve either built what you have in mind, or know someone who has. Though our core offering is geared around local seo we are open to a custom project now and then. These are a few effective tracking and lead generation solutions we implement for our larger custom clients.

Sales Funnels

We design, create, and implement custom sales funnels for our clients. What is a sales funnel? It’s an upside down mermaid that potential customers or clients go through to become educated about your product or service before ultimately becoming customers or clients.  We help you come up with an effective strategy of how to educate the user on your offering, and then lead them through a series of pages allowing them to opt in, download reports, watch videos, or sign up / order. By measuring all clicks, calls and form fills with our advanced tracking you should be able to determine what your ROI is for each lead source.

Do you have a wide range of online marketing needs for your business? Call (877) 699-6656 to speak with a sales professional about a wide range of custom solutions we offer.

Call Tracking

Robust call tracking software solution pre integrated with all of our products for your business intelligence. Local Mojo products are pre integrated with a robust call tracking solution software that blends your marketing campaign or contact center performance reporting into one tool, allowing for a complete view of what’s generating calls and what’s happening with calls once your agents have them.

Your call data is rolled up into an array of different reports that are easy to navigate and understand. They are all exportable, filterable, and schedulable so you get the information you need when you need it.

Use call tracking for all of your marketing channels. Allocate tracking numbers to every advertising channel so that you can prioritize the campaigns that are performing. You can track both your online marketing such as Google Adwords, organic traffic, social media campaigns, display advertising, and others. This also is an effective way to add much needed tracking to offline efforts like tv commercials, radio ads, news paper ads, print campaigns, billboards and others.


Advanced Tracking

Get more customers by measuring all marketing activities with confidence for better business intelligence and ROI by Channel, Campaign, Keyword and more. We custom integrate reporting from your Google Analytics, Form software, and Call tracking so each lead source is collecting data from the other. This gives unbelievable insights into your marketing across all channels.

Web Forms
We make sure all of your online lead sources are tracking correctly and integrated with your Call Tracking and Google Analytics using dynamic call tracking to identify the source in call tracking and correctly pushing data to google analytics in real-time.

Call Tracking
Track all traffic and advertising sources. Dynamic Call Tracking on your business’s website and any active Landing Pages

Google Analytics & Call Tracking Integration
We will implement a real-time 2-way, bi-directional sync between Google Analytics and Call Tracking Metrics. This will allow on demand detailed marketing metrics and reporting so you can make better marketing decisions.